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Yes, yes, YES! Since 2001 we have impacted charitable organizations with our unique approach, Conversational Fundraising™. Everywhere our system has been fully implemented, NPOs of all stripes have seen unprecedented results. Contact us for information about our client list.

This investment in your fundraising success is significant. The primary reason for investing in your staff and volunteers is to raise more money. With our program you can expect to see a 100% return on your investment by the end of the 4 month follow-up phase. Your elevated fundraising results will continue as long as you follow the proven Conversational Fundraising™ approach.

There is a time requirement for your involvement with the Asking Academy, but it is not overbearing. We show you how to integrate fundraising with your mission so they don’t ‘compete’ for your time. Rather, we equip you to repurpose your time, utilizing the Principle of Strategic Neglect to achieve your most important priorities.

This is precisely the scenario we had in mind when creating the Asking Academy™. The participation fee is an investment in your fundraising success rather than a dead-end expenditure. And, with our guarantee there has never been a better time for you to expand your fundraising results with more confidence.

Kent Stroman created the Conversational Fundraising™ approach which is chronicled in his book, Asking About Asking, published by CharityChannel Press in 2011. Kent is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) with a long career in fundraising and finance with charitable organizations. Click here for details. Kathy Wright has a distinguished career of service to not-for-profit organizations and has guided the development and refinement of the Asking Academy™. More information on her background is available here.

There are three considerations to keep in mind as it relates to the limited pool of funders in any community:
i. Part of our job as philanthropy professionals is to grow the pie. This means taking an active role to keep more charitable dollars invested in causes that are close to home.
ii. We also equip you with proven methods to expand your slice of the pie.
iii. If you don’t take these tools into your marketplace, someone else will!

With your fee, you are investing in yourself and your nonprofit organization. With our no risk money back guarantee, we are investing in your success. Here’s what you can be confident of: If you don’t make the investment, you won’t earn the returns.

Yes. If these individuals are not the right match for the Asking Academy™, we will assist you in selecting team members who can infuse your organization with our proven fundraising system.

To get started, ask people of vision to partner with you in securing your future funding streams. Click here for a simple outline that shows how to fund your initial investment. And keep in mind our no risk guarantee.

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