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Sue Stohlmann
Principal / excellerate! LLC

“Puts practices that we believe in into sesable chunks that people can absorb and practice each of the steps with partnering and role playing so that you get a real feel for how to overcome some of the issues that people have asking for gifts for non-profits. Benefits any organization of any size that has to do fundraising.”

Wayne King
Major Donor Manager / John 3:16 Mission
“It’s realistic, it gets down to the nuts and bolts of successful fundraising. Attendance at the Asking Academy is extremely beneficial and well worth the time and the investment of finances on behalf of the organization or individual. It’s a great investment of time and very important. I would encourage everyone to consider participating.”
Calvin Moore
President/CEO / Meals on Wheels
“…Long story short – $170,000 in new gifts from new donors. We received one gift that was six figures! In one week we raised 12% of our annual revenue budget! Outstanding! We as an organization couldn’t afford not to attend the Asking Academy.”
Steve Warrick
Board President / John 3:16 Mission
“What I’ve learned in this day and a half, has changed my thinking 180 degrees around asking. It’s Asking About Asking, it’s not asking for a number, its about asking about passion, it’s asking for the benefit of those that we serve at John 3:16, it’s not even asking for John 3:16. You cannot afford not to attend.”
Penny Immel
Director of Development
Junior Achievement of Southern Colorado
“Breath of fresh air coming into the academy, really feel rejuvenated. This has opened my eyes to a new approach and really finding out the needs and desires of our donors.”
Marquetta Finley
Director of Development / Youth at Heart
“Kent is genuine, optimistic and sincere, same approach that needs to be taken with donors. Methodology to it {fundraising} and there are tips that we can learn along the way to help us be successful.”
Bill Stohlmann
Consultant / excellerate! LLC
“You should attend early in the campaign. I’m leaving here with a real understanding of what Conversational Fundraising is about and what it can be. I have enjoyed being here and think it is well worth the value. We were working with an organization in a stalled campaign. As a result of our team attending the Asking Academy, we quickly revived the campaign with $250,000 in gifts.”
Hilanne Myers
Director of Marketing / Heroes on the Water
“Kent is awesome at creating a dynamic learning environment that engages, inspires and equips people to achieve fundraising success! I appreciate your investment in me and Heroes on the Water to develop and carry out a thoughtful major gifts strategy that will reap benefits for our nation’s warriors, their families and communities for years to come. Thank you both for everything…it was a fantastic few days together that has set the foundation for a successful future! My next step is meeting tomorrow with Jim Dolan, Executive Director and Founder of Heroes on the Water. He is eager to learn and begin utilizing the ASKing about Asking model. Anyone who is involved in fundraising for a non-profit would extremely benefit from attending the two day academy. “
Joycelyn McCarver
Executive Director / Youth at Heart
“Money back guarantee. A great investment of time. If you want to be more successful, want to stretch your dreams, want to see yourself achieve and leave behind a legacy, attend an Asking Academy.”
Gina Elias
Executive Director / Circles – Bartlesville
“If you have an opportunity to be a part of the Asking Academy, it is definitely worth attending. The tools you learn from this, is one you can walk away with and instantly implement. In just 79 days we raised $84,724. Attending the Asking Academy is worth every penny!”
Ted Mossman
Board Chair – Elect
Junior Achievement of Southern Colorado
“Came away with concepts that can help us with our fundraising efforts. Organized. Feel more confident now than I did prior to attending the meeting. Take the {fundraising} effort to a whole ‘nother level.”
Bill Covell
Board Volunteer / Circles – Bartlesville
“It has been a revelation, I think it’s certainly helped us become confident and comfortable with helping people direct and think through their philanthropical pursuits. “
Bob Sullivan
Board Treasurer / Youth at Heart
“Transformational experience for me and my team, ready to apply in a real world application. Really placing the donor as the focus point.”
Pat Moore
Board Volunteer / Circles – Bartlesville
“The experience is that it is transformational on both personal and professional and avocational level.”
Bob Myers
Performance Coach – West / Scouting U
“Reinforces many of the attributes of fundraising. Investment of the time and funds to attend the Asking Academy are well worth while because the return on investment is huge.”
LeRoy Shepherd
Board Volunteer / Circles – Bartlesville
“I really enjoyed it and truly beneficial. You gotta learn about those really impressive the 10 steps. Kent Stroman did an excellent job. If you are a non-profit out there that is struggling, this is something you need to do.”
Kimberly Cowherd
Cherokee Area Council, BSA
“All the training I’ve attended over the years don’t have the passion and positive teaching style giving you the confidence I’ve received at this Academy. Thanks!”
Jim Dolan
Executive Director and Founder / Heroes on the Water
“Kent – THANK YOU for adding Bob and Hilanne to your week. Hilanne is an awesome lady and an amazing addition to our team. She was really ready to step up our efforts supporting the warriors. Through your help and guidance we expect to take our organization to the next level and beyond. Your help will save families and save lives. No higher calling.”
Jim Beverley
Board Member / John 3:16 Mission
“Great information! Lots of good techniques to put into practice! I believe this [The Asking Academy] has been chock-full of ideas, specific strategies to be successful in our fundraising efforts! Thanks!”
Hanna Shearer
Pastor / 1st Presbyterian Church
“My anxiety is decreasing through role-playing and practice.”
Carol Whitebook
Scout Executive & CEO / Cherokee Area Council – Boy Scouts of America
“I can tell you that the Asking Academy is one of, if not, the BEST trainings I’ve been to in my career. I consider taking this program a MUST for every professional fundraiser and all key volunteers. I highly recommend Kent Stroman and the Institute for Conversational Fundraising. Learning Conversational Fundraising will make a huge difference in how we build relationships with our funders throughout the Boy Scouts of America.”
Bob Tiede
“Every ministry leader and fundraiser needs to attend The Asking Academy.”
Steve August
Board Member / John 3:16 Mission
“Lots of helpful information delivered in a great format.”
Julia Crouch
Executive Director / Bartlesville Community Foundation
“Kent, thank you so much for the time and effort you’ve contributed to this year’s Endowment Challenge Grant program. It was certainly evident in the training today that you’ve made a positive impact on the organizations that are participating. Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise so that others can succeed!”
Judi Myers
CEO / Gatesway Foundation
“After attending the Asking Academy, I received my first really large donation, ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Thank you Kent for your excellent training. It was hard for me to change the way I fund raised; but, I had great results when fundraising the KENT WAY. I have given several of your books [Asking about Asking] away. I am giving them for Leadership Tulsa and Broken Arrow Interns. I think this is much better than a PLAQUE! Your book will be a help to them as they sit on other boards!”
Pamela H. Witter
Director of Development / Houghton College
“The learner in me strove to internalize Kent’s lessons. It wasn’t long before I put conversational fundraising into practice. Today, each and every donor visit is focused and productive. I know what to ask and how to listen. I am seeing the fruits of my labors as donors become more engaged and I move them strategically through the donor cycle.”
Mike Matson
Campaign Volunteer / 1st Presbyterian Church
“I read the book twice, but the full impact didn’t happen until The Asking Academy. It clarifies and brings it all together.”
Garen McMillian
Board Member / Circles Joplin
“I’m clicking my heels with joy!”
Jay St. Clair
Board Member / Circles Joplin
“It feels so right. It is simply speaking to how I am made. It is building an excitement in me!! To DO it!!”
Steve Whitaker
President / John 3:16 Mission
“I went [into our meeting] with the thought of really enhancing our relationship and not asking [for a gift]. He committed $100K for starters and asked to meet again soon. More important than that… I have a great new friend for life.”
Tina Rollins
CEO / Christ for Humanity
“I am finding The Summit very informative and comforting in that what we are learning takes much of the fear of the unknown off the table.”
Caroline Gist
President / Putnam City Public Schools Foundation
“The Asking Academy was the best fundraising training that I received in 13 years in the business. Thank you Kent and Kathy!!!!”
Ed Tolbert
Campaign Chair / 1st Presbyterian Church
“Our team is ready to practice asking and then to proceed to ask as a direct result of what we learned at The Asking Academy. The Asking Academy opened up a whole new world for our campaign team.”
Paul Kent
CEO / Habitat for Humanity, Tulsa
“‘Asking about Asking’ is the one book that I will use to train my board of directors in the art of fundraising. Stroman’s ’10 Step Staircase’ for solicitation provides volunteers and professionals a simple and easy-to-learn structure for getting to the ask. Readers will find confidence and feel empowered for ASKING donors for larger gifts.”
Karen Senger
Individual Gifts Manager / Food Bank of Northern Nevada
“Kent’s book is clear, concise and compelling. The advice helped me recently secure a $70,000 gift from a generous couple because at every step along the cultivation process I asked about and listened to their desires. I made the relationship the top priority, and it resulted in a win-win for the donors and our organization.”
Lori Timmons
“‘Asking about Asking’ has become an important part of my professional tool box. Brandishing the book, one of my clients commented after attending your workshop on ‘Asking about Asking’ that she felt as though now she had the method that would lead her organization to success in its capital campaign. Its easy to understand style and common sense approach have made a big difference in helping staff and board members face their fears about asking for donations and has given them the confidence needed to reach their goals.”

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